Saturday, November 26, 2011

Yippee for local business!

I've been saying for 5 years (since my first was born) that the town where I live needs it's own cloth diaper/natural parenting store. One of our lovely local doulas ( Birth Services) has taken over the online business, Enchanted Forest. She has even added her own home show room where you can view/touch her products. This is very exciting if you're local, but also if you aren't and require shipping (reasonable rates to anywhere in Canada)! She has an awesome selection of Canadian made products.

Check it out! And she has a contest right now for a gift certificate!

And might I add, she is the only person I know of in Nova Scotia that does placenta encapsulation!

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  1. I love you for posting this. Andrea is one of my closest friends. I love her like a sister. :)